Meeting Notes

Date : May 4, 2016

The meeting began at approx. 12; in attendance were: Faye Miller, Rick Lee, Mike Schmitz, Pete Hoistad, Nikki Schmaltz, Mandy Harlow, Jim Abbott

MINUTES (2-12-16): Accepted [Motion: Pete; 2nd: Mike; carried]

Jim shared highlights of the March 31 financial statements. He will send the current quarter check register (the agenda packet had the wrong year). Jim will correct the -$1 item on the balance sheet. Financial statements were accepted [Motion: Nikki; 2nd: Rick; carried]. Pete commented on his financial oversight activities.
Jim will check on how often we will receive the unused testing fees from NASBA.
There was comment about the need to add a lengthy pension obligation disclosure.

BUDGET: approved as proposed [Motion: Pete; 2nd: Mike; carried].

It was suggested we remove "other states" cited in 3-02-01-02. Looking at possible law changes was mentioned.

It was proposed that the board website be moved to a new platform. The preference was to stay within the State environment, but find a way to make the site more easily manageable. Comments included needing to redirect traffic to a new site, and using students or a member to build a site.

Reinstatement for Tom Ribb was approved [Motion: Pete; 2nd: Rick; carried].
A grade transfer request was denied for Ahmed Ahmed, and he will be asked to stop using the CPA initials [Motion: Nikki; 2nd: Pete; carried]. He is using CPA in email correspondence; the reasons cited for his appeal were not considered valid.
The group's sentiment was that those writing less than all parts of the Exam will not be granted an exception to the provision of having to meet our writing requirements; a candidate may always appeal.

We will accept all scores earned during a valid testing timeframe as designated by NASBA etc. (ie. when they are extended for some reason) [Motion: Pete; 2nd by Mike; carried].

Jim covered highlights of his notes from the ED Conference.

Nikki and Faye are authorized to act for the Board re. salaries, in the joint process [Motion: Rick; 2nd: Pete; carried].

NEXT MEETING: July 25 at 12 noon, at Brady Martz, Grand Forks

A plaque was presented to Rick Lee, whose 10 year board term is ending.

E.D. goals were passed out.

Jim suggested not eliminating the notary signing of applications; the requirement doesn't seem much of a burden.

We will specify the 8 accepted credentialing bodies, and use rubric only, for accepting classes in the concentration.

2016-1 closed. The CPA did what he should have. We will notify the accountant in all cases of a formal complaint.

2014-4 closed. Various allegations were made, but no fraud appears to be involved, and there is insufficient evidence provided for Board action.

Jim briefed the group about several unwritten "complaint" matters that had come to the office's attention.

Staff left the meeting at approx. 3:15. The Board visited about staffing matters, adjourning at approx. 3:30.