Meeting Notes

Date : July 22, 2015

OFFICERS.  Faye Miller continues as president, Pete Hoistad as Secretary. 

FOREIGN EVALUATION.  A special request, to accept an evaluation from a non-approved vendor, was granted. 

AUDITOR SELECTION. Overmoe Nelson was approved as the Board auditor. 

UNUSED EXAM FEES. Unused fees will be requested from NASBA, as soon as possible; it will be policy to not refund any examination fees.

FOREIGN EVALUATIONS.  5 requests, to allow a foreign education evaluation from a non-approved vendor, were denied. A request to accept additional business credits was denied, as was an Exam waiver request. 

NDCPAS PEER REVIEW.  Mary Jo Richard reported on the Society’s peer review administration. There was one ND firm that didn’t report all of their work areas; they underwent a new review. 

A list of non-pass firms will be prepared for the next meeting; for those with failed reviews, more immediate information will be obtained. There was sentiment that there should be a stronger impact when a firm fails peer review. Perhaps verification should be obtained to ensure a firm has actually discontinued those areas of work it had committed to. 

EDUCATION CHANGES.  Various changes were made in how concentration credits are evaluated. 

We will obtain guidance on whether an SSN / resident alien card / ITIN requirement could be enacted. We will also seek information on the experiences of other states making such changes. 

INTERNATIONAL MOBILITY.  No further action will be taken. 

We will ask that a diversity letter not be sent by NASBA, to the Governor, as it is not considered necessary.

EXPERIENCE.  The group discussed the requirements of law and rule. This subject will be filed as a potential future rule change area. There was sentiment that the full 2000 hours involve actual accounting & similar work, rather than the “majority”.  

PUBLIC MEMBERS.  Nikki raised the question of having public representation on the Board. There was some disagreement about whether this is a good idea. 

No action will be taken with case 2014-4 at this point.
Case 2015-3 will be closed, with no action against the firm.
Another matter was addressed, and the party has applied for a firm permit, and reciprocal certificate.  

EVALUATION.  The group shared performance comments with Jim. He will prepare a draft of goals for the next year.